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Welcome to I Sew 2

We are an independant shop in Kirkintilloch with a big heart.  A place where anyone, no matter their age or ability, can come to get inspired, to create, and to mingle.  Proud winners of the Independent Retailer award for East Dunbartonshire in 2019. 

I Sew 2 is more than a fabric, yarn and haberdashery shop.  It is something unique.  As you enter the shop, a treasure trove of fabrics, yarns, and a whole host of haberdashery and accessories are there to greet you.  The fabric, yarn and thread colours range from subtle to vibrant.  The yarns come in all shapes and sizes.  There is something for everyone at I Sew 2.  If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask a member of the team. 

Fabrics, yarns, notions, ribbons, buttons, supplies, accessories, and much more are available.  Whether you sew, quilt, crochet or knit, I Sew 2 has what you need to create something special.

Inspiration starts the minute you walk into the shop.  The creative juices start to flow.  When you mingle with others you get the opportunity to learn and share.  Be inspired by the products and team at I Sew 2. 

About Me

My background is in textiles and after completing my degree, I went on to work for some of the top companies in the textile industry, and gained experience in quality control, fabric and also clothing manufacturing.  A factory closure led to redundancey so I took the opportunity to teach myself pottery and ceramics and through time opened my own studio. There I made items to sell, and also held workshops and classes to teach other people pottery and ceramic skills. 

A change in career saw me move back into textiles, working in the furnishings and fabrics department of a major retailer. This role involved advising on curtains, wallpapers and putting together colour schemes. Over a number of years I developed my management skills and gained more experience in a variety of departments.

But I was itching to get back out on my own so took the huge step of leaving employment to look for a business opportunity where I could pursue my own creativity whilst encouraging other people to explore theirs. 

One snowy morning early in 2018 I stumbled across an advert for a small business for sale - a fabric, yarn and haberdashery shop. And that was the start of the newest exciting chapter in my life.